A missed opportunity

John Swinimer took what might be described as a belligerent attitude during media interviews today as he pulled his son, William, out of Forest Heights Community School. See story here.

Offered an olive branch by the South Shore School Board, his actions, tone and words are very un-Christian and indicate that this dispute is unlikely to be resolved. I certainly hope I’m wrong about that, however.

Mr. Swinimer claims that his children are bullied in the school because they are Christians. If that’s the case, it should stop. But as the story by Bev Ware of the Chronicle-Herald indicates, there are also some valid concerns about William Swinimer’s behaviour at the school. If the actions described by the other students are true, that behaviour should also stop. Bev is a former colleague of mine and is an excellent reporter; kudos to her for getting more details and providing some vital insight to this story.

An honest and candid exchange of ideas that are not offensive to others lies at the very heart of freedom of expression. Shame on anyone who wouldn’t want to participate in that.