About Ryan Van Horne

Ryan Van Horne is a freelance journalist, writer, editor, and playwright.

His first play, The Department of Common Sense, was chosen to be part of the Theatre Arts Guild’s first Playwrights’ Festival in March 2013 and earned box-office success and critical acclaim at the 2013 Atlantic Fringe Festival. The play was on stage again in 2014 at Halifax’s Bus Stop Theatre, as part of The Elizabeth Boardmore One-Act Play Festival and the Liverpool International Theatre Festival.

His second play, Butterscotch Palace, was performed at Playwrights@TAG in March 2015 and this production also marked his debut as a director for the stage.

Ryan was a contributing writer for Clerisy Entertainment and writes narrators’ scripts for documentaries and television shows. He also did research and story development on two documentaries: Beyond The Game and A Fragile Peace.

He has 25 years experience as a journalist — mostly in print — but also has experience in radio, television, and online. He has covered politics, business, and sports and worked as a reporter, editor, columnist, editorial writer, and photographer.

Now, he is doing what he loves while living in Halifax, NS, on Canada’s beautiful East Coast. He can be reached on Skype at ryanvanhorne1 or by e-mail at vanhorne[dot]ryan[at]gmail.com.

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