Barbara Amiel column an embarrassment to journalism

In modern parlance, Barbara Amiel is a troll. Fear not, I am not making an ad hominem — she does not look like one of Tolkien’s trolls — but her latest column in Maclean’s is the latest in a litany of off-the-cuff scribbles penned merely to elicit shock from those who can stomach her prose.

Titled Landmines in Our Sexual Landscape, the column is a vain attempt to prove that you can shine shit, but she fails in that regard. If she continues to write columns for Maclean’s — and I predict she will — it’s proof that the well-connected Amiel can write whatever the hell she wants just to get a reaction. Not only are her comments insensitive to the victims of sexual assault, child pornography and sexual harassment, they reek of a juvenile attempt to poke a stick at what she perceives to be a hypocritical zeitgeist. If she thinks that we need to have a “Come to Jesus” debate and reconcile state-funded abortions with modern society’s so-called heavy hand on rape, child porn and groping, she would be better served if she didn’t belittle the victims of those three crimes.

Freedom of speech and freedom of the press are protected in the Constitution, but in availing oneself of these rights, one must endeavour to use them responsibly. Barbara Amiel has been given a tremendous privilege to write for a national magazine and by writing as she does, she is squandering that privilege by trying to spark reactions, rather than encourage debate or enlighten a discussion.

4 comments on “Barbara Amiel column an embarrassment to journalism

    • I think it’s time for Barbara Amiel to retire — after she apologizes. I wouldn’t make the latter a condition, however, I’d settle for the former.

      • shanz83 says:

        I doubt that she will apologize, but am I crazy to think that Maclean’s should? If only she’d retire!

      • Your doubt is reasonable and, no, you are not crazy to think that. Maclean’s surely realizes that Amiel’s column is no longer relevant to anyone but her close circle of friends who read it merely to flatter her. She has not had anything worth reading in years and the column’s continued existence merely strokes Amiel’s ample ego.

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